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Particulate Respirators



Type or Classification Replaceable type classification: RL2
Model No. DR76U2-s
Approval No. TM403
Size / Dimension SS、S、M、M/E、M/EE、L
Weight (g) 165 or less
Conformable Standards Japanese Industrial Safety and Health Law
Working environment or use application
  • Works in existing asbestos (Classification 4 of the respiratory equipment in accordance with Japanese Standard)
  • Particulate including heavy metals
  • Welding, meltdown, melting works
  • Tar mist / oil mist
  • Water mists (Wet grinding)
  • silicon rubber
  • Using palm
  • Quick fastener
  • 6 sizes of facepiece are available
  • Washable

・Available with choice of 6 sized facepiece.