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Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus



Type or Classification Compressed oxygen closed circuit SCBA
Conformable Standard No. JIS M 7601:2001
Working environment or use application
  • Can be used in the oxygen deficiency (Can be used when the oxygen concentration is less than 14 % according to JIS(Japanese Industrial Standard) T 8150:2006 [Guidance for selection, use and maintenance of respiratory protective device])
  • Fire-fighting operation, Rescue operation, Escape guidance from the fire

・Long time dulation: 150 min. of Use (Nominal Use: 150 minutes at 19.6MPa (200kgf/cm2) of charging pressure.
・Coolant is equipped for breathing comfort by preventing of heat up the inhalation brathing air.
・An alarm rings when the cylinder is empty (less than 3 MPa) or the cylinder valve is closed.
・The three-dimensional configuration of the case provides snug fit.
・Lower running cost since the CO2 absorbent canister is refillable and cooling device: Ice.