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Reusable Respirator [Full Face Mask]



Filters must be attached during actual use.

Example showing full face mask "CX01", with gas filter "CA-ABEK1" attached.
Main Features

Durable and Reliable

Broad View Visor
Extremely broad field of vision
Obstacle-free downward vision
6-Point Head Harness
Quick and smooth donning and doffing
Excellent durability
Double sealing action provides maximum protection and comfort
Silicone rubber
Available in three sizes, ensure a perfect fit for every type of face.
Speech Diaphragm
For improved communication
Steel mesh prevents damage from fume
Twist connector
Twist only 60 degrees to connect
Technical Data
Certified to EN136:1998 Class 2・AS/NZS 1716:2012
Facepiece Silicone Rubber
Size S M L
Weight 700g
Approved Filters P3R, P2R, P3RC, P2RC, CA-A1, CA-A2, CA-K1, CA-AX, CA-ABEK1