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Reusable Respirator [Full Face Mask]



Filters must be attached during actual use.

Example showing full face mask "GX01", with combined filter "CC-ABEK2P3R" attached.
Main Features

Advanced Ergonomic Design

3D Curve Visor
Excellent field of vision and downward vision
Minimized distance between eyes and lens
6-Point Head Harness
Simple and secure donning
Non-sticky surface prevents hair entanglement.
Maximum stability
Strengthened harness ensure maximum durability
Double sealing action provides maximum protection and comfort
Silicone rubber
Three sizes available, ensure a perfect fit for every type of face.
Speech Diaphragm
For improved communication
Steel mesh prevents damage from fume
"2+1EVS" (Exhalation Valves System)
2 main valves on both sides doubled the amount of air released during exhalation
1 auxiliary valve in the bottom remove moisture and sweat
Ensure the interior stays cool and dry
Less exhalation resistance
Screw-in Type
40mm standard thread
EN148-1 standard thread
*Screw and tighten firmly
Technical Data
Certified to EN136:1998 Class 2
Facepiece Silicone Rubber
Size S M L
Weight 730g 742g 771g
Approved Filters CC-P3R, CC-A2, CC-ABEK2, CC-A2P3R, CC-B2P3R,