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Powered Air Purifying Respirator(PAPR) [Full Face Mask]



Main Features

Breath Responsive PAPR "Synchro"

ON:The system starts automatically as you breathe.
OFF:It turns off 5 seconds after doffing.
There is no battery connection cable, which simplifies preparation when donning the mask and does not disturb your work.
Filter Replacement Indicator
An LED flashes when it is time to replace the filter.
6-Point Head Harness
It gives more stability and firm fit.
Speech Diaphragm
It enables you to communicate better at work.
Technical Data
Certified to EN12942:1998+A2:2008 TM3
AS/NZS 1716:2012*1
IEC 60529:2001 IP65 rated
Facepiece TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer)
Size M L
Weight*2 Approximately 755g Approximately 770g
Approved Filters VP3, VA1P3, VABE1P3

*1 Exclude : VABE1P3
*2 Includes:Facepiece, Fan unit, Filter, Battery