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Reusable Respirator [Half Mask]



Filters must be attached during actual use.

Example showing half mask "RX01", with gas filter "CA-A1" attached.
Main Features

Maximum Comfort, Secure & Communication

4-Point Head Harness
Quick and simple donning and doffing
Maximum stability
Specially designed Non-sticky surface
Silicone rubber
Speech Diaphragm
For improved communication
Twist connector
Twist only 60 degrees to connect
Technical Data
Certified to EN140:1998・AS/NZS 1716:2012
Facepiece Silicone Rubber
Size M L
Weight 190g
Approved Filters P3R, P2R, P3RC, P2RC, CA-A1, CA-A2, CA-K1, CA-AX, CA-ABEK1